Looking for more than just a website?
We'll take your business to the clouds!

We won't just build you a website.

The VAZED processes is specificly designed for small businesses needing more than just a website.

  • Vazed Domain Research

    Domain Research

    We'll do the research and get you the best domain possible.

    A bad domain name can immediately put you in a struggle to be seen. We'll get you the best domain that's available. If you already have a domain we'll help you protect it.

  • Vazed Provided Tools

    Not Just a Website

    Tools. From managing customers to managing employees

    We'll walk through your needs to make sure you absolutley have everything you need to run your business online. We'll build in existing and proven open source web tools such as:

    - CRM or Client Manager

    - Project Managment

    - API's to merchant services

    - Your Own Cloud storage

    - Time Clocks

    Open Source software helps small business compete with larger corporations by providing a similar tool. In some cases it may actual be the same software a corporation uses. VAZED is also very experinced in building custom web applications. VAZED will build custom software for your business from the ground up to meet your exact busines needs.

  • Vazed Client Service Point


    It's about communication

    When working with us you'll have access to our "Client Service Point". Here you can check on our progress, make a comment, send and recieve files, or simply schedule a call with us. We have clear milestones so you'll know exactly which part of your online business we're working on. We'll be happy to provide more than one login to your project for cases such as having your own web designer already, or you would like an employee to be in contact with us as well.

  • Vazed After Build Assistance

    Launch Day!

    You have all these new online toys. Now what?

    At this point you run your buisness. You finally get to use your shiny new tools with your customers and employees. In the background we're still hard at work for you making sure people can find you by doing your SEO. SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization", and this makes it much more possible that when people are searching for a business that they find you! We're proud to be considered White Hat when it comes to SEO. This simply means we make sure to put in the extra effort and don't use dishonest short cuts. The result of this is a steady increase in traffic without having to worry about Search engines dedecuting points or banning you from being found with them. Traffic sometimes builds a little slower at first, but you business will still be thriving over time.


Give your current website the power of the cloud!

Austin Texas Located


We can help build an online toolset with all the tools a major corporation has. We're very experienced with building Contact Managers, Project Management, Appointment Schedulers, HR management tools, and even your own cloud storage systems, among a few. Want an app for your business but can't justify the price? Start small and let us take your existing website and quickly turn it INTO an app. Check out our site as an app right now without having to install anything!

Vazed Ready To Sell Domains

VAZED Turn Key Websites

This is one sevice that sets us miles apart from any other full package web development business. We keep a stock of amazing domain names and work on the SEO of those domains until someone is ready to purchase them. Some of our domains have been running as secrete agents for years until the right business comes along to claim it. How does this help you? One way that it helps is by aging the domain. Having a brand new registered domain is something of a worry for some search engines. Taking over one of ours means your domain instantly has years of registered history. Check out our current list of Turn-Key domains that are ready for your business!

Vazed Website Repairs

Web Security and WebSite technical Repairs

We can help fix problems on your website. CSS, HTML, JS, LAMP or MEAN, Webserver issues, or just plain code optimizations to make your site load faster (example of importance). We're really great at problem solving. We'll tell you up front what the issue is and how much it will cost you for us to repair it. If the unthinkable happens and we're not able to solve it we'll direct you to a place that will solve it. No matter what the problem is, we'll have a solution for you.

What Makes Us So Special?

We're a small business just like you!!

made in texas

Texas Proud

We live and work in Austin Texas. If you're in Austin or the surrounding area we'll be delighted to meet you in person to discuss your needs. Face to face.

Silently Built By VAZED

How many times have you visited a website and seen a blurb or advertisment about the business who built it? We get our clients through hard work and word of mouth. Not by advertising on the front page of your business.

Honest Billing

We keep billing simple. Nothing is hidden and all Costs are approved by you before we do the work.

Contact Us

Phone: 512.761.5692

We're located in Austin, Tx. If you're in our area we'll be delighted to meet with you to discuss your project details.